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I am Adeyinka, an Internet Business Addict.

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I will like to share a short story of myself with you that will change your life forever.

I mean forever!

In 2019 while I was still struggling with my finances, I took up a job with an Online Transportation Company (Taxify/BOLT). 

Just as expected I got an incoming ride order pointing at the University of Ibadan for the next passenger. I felt like I should cancel the order.


With the little experiences I’ve had with the students of that institution most especially ladies, (apologies to the courteous ones) while trying to make living through driving, I really don’t like taking them in my car as they can really give you reasons to see yourself like a trash through their polite insult.

Well, I have been waiting for passenger for over 2hours so I had to go and make money as that is more important than the insult.

It took me few minutes to navigate through the hostel of the passenger as I'm not conversant with the roads in that campus.

Most passengers would have taken offence once the time is getting beyond the estimated time for Cab arrival because the BOLT app would have given them an estimated time their Cab would arrive.

So I tried to prepare myself to take whatever insult that might come my way, lol.

When I eventually met him [the passenger], I was swept off my feet as I got my first warm greetings from a student of that institution.

“Good evening Brother, my name is Tamilore” he greeted with a smile.

I felt cool and we started the journey to his destination, we got talking and I was amazed as I listened to Tamilore.

Tamilore is a first-class student in the University of Ibadan.

As at the time, he was one of the chosen 10 out of about 5000 candidates that wrote a topic on Business Planning and Marketing whose article is convincing enough to the board of the said company.

Tamilore loves business and he was doing very well with his Tie and Die Company.

Funny enough, he was marketing a Nike Slides to me while driving and I hit the rare bumper of the car next to us in a slight holdup lol 😂 

I cannot forget how friendly he was.

I really will not like to bore you with stories of his successes.

First impressions last longer they say:

 We shared contacts and ever since that time we didn’t have any reason for discussion.

In year 2020, a friend introduced me to an online business called Affiliate Marketing, he told me he has not made money from the online business but he showed me proofs of people that are making millions of naira in the business model.

I got interested in the Affiliate Marketing business and I really want to make money from it. So I started as I was trained, registered on many affiliate programs, bought my domains, put contents out on social media, tried paid traffic and free traffic combined, I spent a lot of money on Facebook ads., Instagram ads. and the rest of it.


You should understand how frustrating that could be; making an effort to make one single sale on a product online for several months.

It was a terrible experience.

I was doing what I called simple mistakes.

You shouldn’t blame me because I didn’t have the right teacher.

In my opinion, I started viewing affiliate marketing as a business model that doesn't exist. (SCAM)

In the month of Feb., 2021, I viewed Tamilore’s WhatsApp status that stated: if you want to know how to make your FIRST SALE IN AFFILIATE MARKETING you may indicate, well I thought I was going to buy another trash course that will promise heaven on earth but eventually became a trash.

Although I wouldn't conclude that the course could be a trash as I saw how testimonies were flooding his WhatsApp statuses

That's not enough evidence for me because testimonies can be formed

I had to give it a trial base on the first impression Tamilore created the day I met him 

I sent a message to him and that was a turning point in my life.

I have a chat with him and that was when I got to know that Tamilore has been making a lot of millions with affiliate marketing for over one year. He has traveled to several countries for holidays with the money he’s making from Affiliate Marketing.

He has helped a lot of people to make money in Affiliate Marketing through his step by step teachings.

The mind blowing thing is that Tamilore do not spend a lot of money on ads as most of us had done in the past before we met him. 

He recorded a simple and self explanatory series of videos on Affiliate Marketing that can help you make loads of money even if you are hearing about Affiliate Marketing for the first time.

I will grant you access to the video for FREE

If you can strain you eyes to read that previous line in red letters it means you are following me and trust me, that's exactly what I'm going to do 😂 

This video explained EVERYTHING affiliate marketing. All techniques to make the best use of social media to your very advantage are revealed in the video.

I tried to master everything to the best of my ability. 

After a week of executing what I learnt in the videos, BOOM! I made my first sales in Affiliate marketing, wow!!! I almost went crazy.

I never expected the result so fast.

I repeated the same strategy and made sale over and over again.

When I made my first One Million Naira within the space of one month it was like a dream.

I shared the course with my friend Alfred who first introduced me to Affiliate Marketing and he got his first sale too after 3days of executing. He quickly reached out to me and tell me he's killing it. lol

Then I realized Affiliate Marketing is not as complicated as we always take it to be.

Now I have decided to break it into pieces for anyone who cares to make money from affiliate marketing.

From the introductory stage for the beginners to the point where you get going on your own as an affiliate marketer.

Guess what, I am not charging you a dime!

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  • I will also open an opportunity for you to learn from Tamilore as I will be bringing him on board to share deep secrets with you. You can't imagine how much you could have paid to be in a space where Tamilore is teaching and I will be bringing him live for FREE.

Unfortunately I cannot work with so many people with this kind of offer, so I have a target of just helping the first 100 people to jump on this offer.

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Enough of telling stories,

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