People Say I Deliver Value But Instead Of Saying Thanks I Just Tell Them I know?

I have done this crazy thing a few times and I expected hundreds of people to opt-in for the offer but I realized even if I decide to give out free dollars on the streets many people would still ignore and say maybe the dollars are fake.

My name is Adeyinka and I am an Internet Marketer

I will help your business on how your adverts can convert 15% more than it's done before.

I will help your business with more professional look and orientation.

I will teach you how to make video ads with your phone for better conversion which can also generate lots of money for you.

And many more...

Just like I made #87,000 a day for teaching people how to signup a verified Nigerian PayPal account that receives and sends money, and can as well withdraw directly into your bank account.

Also as I made #263,000 a week for making whiteboard animation ads for business owners.

And as I made #215,000 from just three (3) Clients in 3weeks for creating professional product video ads

And many more...

No reason to exaggerate

I don't have to do that for serious people to opt-in.

Few months ago when I organized a class like this, many people feel it's one of the common classes that doesn't give value and claimed to do.

It is normal to feel indifferent to offers like this one,

We all have excuses for the opportunities that we miss out on.

Even when you are too nice, people begin to suspect you 😂 

When the few interested people got closer and they found out they were lucky to be in my class, they tried to refer people to me for the class, but my craziness must have healed that time 😂 

They feel disappointed and waited and waited for another free class but I can't always be a crazy man.

Now the opportunity is here again

You can connect with me on WhatsApp and let's get to work

Hold on a second...

Let me show you skills and services people pay to get access to but I will teach you for free in my class.

Here are a few supposed paid-for trainings I will show you for FREE

  • How to signup a verified PayPal that receives and sends money from Nigeria. 
  • *Nigerians find it hard to create an approved PayPal account
    So they pay people to approve it on their behalf....
    Imagine approving 50 accounts in a month just for 2k each
    That's a soft 100k without stress.
  • How to link your local bank bank card to your PayPal and get your fund withdrawn to your local account. 
  • How to get a local US, UK, CANADA bank account with your personal information without any fraudulent activities.

   *Those foreign accounts gives you an opportunity to receive money internationally either from individual or company and send it to you local bank account in Nigeria.

  • Introduction to whiteboard animation and 3D animation for adverts that crazily converts. 

   *This is one of the fast selling skills on Fiverr, Upwork and so on. If you master the skills very well, you will be able to make the best out of it.

  • Introduction to product video advert creation with your smartphone.

   *Video adverts convert 20% more than pictures and wordings advert combined. With that, you will be able to make more sales guess what? You can make it yourself.

  • How to create a one page website for your business that will give your business a professional look (FREE WEBSITE)
  • I will also teach you how to get started on affiliate marketing and make money. 

    *Affiliate Marketing is one business model that can settle your financial life forever if you do it the right way. I will show you how to get started with affiliate marketing in the right way so as not to get frustrated along the way.

Each of those skills can make you as much as 50k to 500k every month as a beginner and I will also show you how.

I like to keep it moderate I would have said the skills will make you 6figures every month.

You think that was too much for a free class? I think so too but I am crazy right now and it doesn't happen this way all the time.

It took me years of study and a lot of money to master many of the teachings I'm going to show you for free.

That's not even all,

You may ask yourself what correlations do those skills have?

Don't worry too much because I will teach you the understanding of how to turn them all into money with one skill helping another.

I will also give out some eBooks that has helped me scale up in the internet businesses which is worth more than money to me.

I will give you 15 different video tutorials that contains skills which can make you lots of money if thoroughly implemented.

Just don't be greedy, pick whatever skill you can work with and make money.

Are you still doubting my free class?

If No, let's meet on my WhatsApp

I really don't have to persuade people to take free money.

See you in class!

I am Adeyinka.