How Masturbation Ruined Everything I Worked For

I will prefer to remain anonymous as you also don't want anyone to know you masturbate.

In the year 2017, I stumbled on an article on the internet  that talked about the benefits of masturbating, and I was curious enough to know more about the benefit as I was already masturbating at the time and all I needed was some facts to justify my action (Masturbating)

In my keenness to know more, I started searching the nooks and crannies of the internet just to gather my justification and I must tell you; I found many benefits to masturbating.

So I was confident in what I was doing focusing on the benefit of masturbation.

I was feeling good!

So the guilt that comes after masturbating disappeared.

The guilt of cheating in my relationship that continued till I got married disappeared.

The guilt of committing sins against the supreme being (God) disappeared.

Don't even think I'm here to talk about God or about the sin of masturbating, hell no!

So I continued for a long time, whenever I am alone and feel like having sex and I put my hand in and bring my d*ck out and have a good time.

My masturbating experience took a new turn about 2years later...

I started losing interested in the things I love to do most.

 I am an engineer and I have worked with many states in the country because I got recommended a lot due to the good job and the quality of my job. I deliver projects on or before the due date with close to 100% perfection.

I love to work a lot!

My wife and my two daughters loved me so much that they would do anything to be with me wherever I am.

I love my family.

I have a schedule for my fitness center and the same evening I will hang out with friends before returning back home. 

I have a good number of wonderful friends.

My life was so planned that I hardly miss my schedule.

 Don't forget I was telling you that I started losing interest in what I love to do most.

I became tired of all my ways of life that I stopped going for site inspections.

I didn't hang out with friends anymore and I lost interest in business ideas we shared whenever I'm with my friends.

I didn't stay at home any longer, I would prefer a faraway hotel just to be alone with my phone full of pornographic content and my crème to grease my d*ck for smooth masturbation- you know what I'm talking about, no need to explain deeper.

I lost interest in everything except masturbation.

Soon I started losing weight mysteriously and couldn't eat so much again.

You know what? I was consistently thinking of masturbating.

I lost control over whether to masturbate or not.

Once I think about it, I must do it at the moment.

You can tell me nothing at such a moment that would be meaningful till I found a way to ease the urge by quickly robbing it till I cum.

I would leave any conversation (no matter how interesting it was) just to satisfy the feeling.

It was that bad!

On that faithful day, one of my site engineers called me that the project owner had been to the site more than 4times and he's not happy for not being able to see me.

That project owner was a reputable and influential man in the country, he had recommended me for well over 15 landmark projects at that time.

I had to rush down to the site to make corrections.

So because of my inconsistency lately on the project, I didn't know the CCTV had just been installed and being tested when I got on site.

The irresistible feelings came again when I got to the site and I excused myself to one of the rooms that was just completed in the building and I started doing my thing... 

It was a terrible day for me.

The owner of the project was at the security house where the CCTV screens were being installed with over 7 of my workers working close to that location.

I came out from the room like nothing has happened and I went straight to meet the owner of the project. I saw the look on the face of the man and everyone there and I felt a worker sustained a serious injury before I realized I have just ruined my well-built carrier.

They were seeing me live on the screen!!!


They all saw the Pornstar Engineer that I was.

The man ordered a replay of my scene and I was ashamed of myself, I rushed out of the site and went home in shame.

In short, I lost my reputation, carrier, and all.

My wife left with my daughters just to relieve herself of the shame I have brought into the family.

To make my matter worse, the urge came back in the middle of the shame and I still had to calm my anxiety and shame with Masturbating.

I started searching everywhere for a solution to my masturbating problems. I was going from one sex therapist to another and still couldn't stop masturbating.

I sought spiritual help and I found out it was the same.

In fact, I masturbated after a Deliverance Session.

The same internet that took me to a life of sticky wickets also delivered me when I stumbled on a breakthrough formula that I found from a book titled "Quit Porn and Masturbation" by Tobi Olabajo. This book reveals a super powerful formula for quitting porn and masturbation permanently.


Tobi has been able to help hundreds of people [if not thousands, I just don't want to exaggerate] to quit porn and masturbation.

The book hits the nail on the head.

It was a practical book from an Ex-addict of masturbation for about 7years and would easily take you through simple ways to quit masturbation.

The book helped me quit pornography and masturbation quickly, and I became free from it.

The formulas are so simple and easy to ignore.

I didn't believe the book could deliver me to the point that I forgot masturbation totally and whenever I think about masturbating, it was an easy thing to ignore and move on with my day.

I really wouldn't be able to do this if not for the help of the book.

Well, you may claim your own is not as weird as mine but I started gradually as well.

It wasn't a big deal when I started.

Anyone could become a slave to porn and masturbation.

The more you venture into it, the deeper you go.

watch one episode of porn and you will love to watch more.

Masturbation and porn can be as deadly as hard drugs.

It can be destructive and killing.

For the fact that no one is talking about it doesn’t mean people are not suffering from it.

Now I become a free advocate to many that are interested in their freedom from masturbation and porn.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get yourself into my kind of trouble before you find a solution to your masturbating addiction.

If you're serious about your freedom from this god-master called masturbation and porn,

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