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While growing up, all I wanted to do is graduate from school, get a good job and earn decent salary.

I'm sure you are already smiling as we both know that's a dream for all but actualized by a slim percentage.

In our economy today, there's no need for any motivational words before one gets in his/her feet to find alternative to white-collar jobs.

As a graduate, undergraduate and even if you haven't been to school, the main goal is to make money and if you would want to do it legitimately, you need to learn a skill that can make you the money you long desire.

I have realized that not to keep talking about the problems of our dear nation, there should be a particular contribution from individuals.

Therefore, I have decided to contribute my quotas to the development of the nation in my own little way by giving out the opportunities to only few people.

My name is 

I am the CEO of Suraphid Fashion Academy and Suraphid Creations

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Suraphid Fashion Academy is a fashion school that trains her students everything fashion:

  • Sewing for Ladies and Gents both native attire and coperate wears

Who are eligible for the training discount?

  1. Undergraduates that are willing to go into fashion designing in a professional styles
  2. Graduates that want to learn fashion skills in a modern way