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How Meeting Tamilore Adewuyi Changed My life From Being A Cab Driver To A Rich 6Figures Affiliate Marketer.

I Made All The Mistakes I Could For Several Years And Finally Got It Right!

I am Adeyinka. I make lots of money from the internet, taking care of my family of 4 for over 2years from the comfort of my room without having to blink an eye before spending.

It didn't start just that way but I can share how it starts and the secrets with you.

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In 2019 while I was still struggling with my finances, I took up a job with an Online Cab Company. 

Just as expected I got an incoming ride order pointing at the University of Ibadan for the next passenger. I felt like I should cancel the order.


With the little experiences I’ve had with the students of that institution [most especially ladies, (apologies to the courteous ones) while trying to make living through driving, I really don’t like taking them in my car as they can really give you reasons to see yourself like a trash through their polite insult.

Well, I have been waiting for passenger for over 2hours so I had to go and make money as that is more important than the insult.

It took me few minutes to navigate through the hostel of the passenger.

Most passengers would have taken offence once the time is getting beyond the estimated time for Cab arrival because the app would have given them an estimated time their Cab would arrive.

So I tried to prepare myself to take whatever insult that might come my way, lol.

When I eventually met him [the passenger], I was swept off my feet as I got my first warm greetings from a student of that institution.

“Good evening Brother, my name is Tamilore” he greeted with a smile.

I felt cool and we started the journey to his destination, we got talking and I was amazed as I listened to Tamilore.

Tamilore is a first-class student in the University of Ibadan.

As at the time, he was one of the chosen 10 out of about 5000 candidates that wrote a topic on Business Planning and Marketing whose article is convincing enough to the board of the said company.

Tamilore loves business and he was doing very well with his Tie and Die Company.

I really will not like to bore you with stories of his successes.

 We shared contact and ever since that time we didn’t have any reason for discussion.

In year 2020, a friend introduced me to Affiliate Marketing, explained how it works for me and I was amazed.

Affiliate marketing is simply introducing someone else's product to the buyer and get commission doing it.

It is that simple.

I got interested in the business and I really want to make money from it. So I started as I was trained, registered on many affiliate programs, bought my domains, put contents out on social media, tried paid traffic and free traffic combined, I spent a lot of money on Fb ads., Insta ads,. and the rest of them.


You should understand how frustrating that could be; making an effort to make one single sale on a product online for good one year.

It was a terrible experience.

I was doing what I called simple mistakes.

You shouldn’t blame me because I didn’t have the right teacher.

In my opinion, I started viewing affiliate marketing business as a model that doesn't exist.

In the month of Feb., 2021, I viewed Tamilore’s Whatsapp status that stated: "if you want to know how to make your FIRST SALE IN AFFILIATE MARKETING you may indicate", well I thought I was going to get involved in another strategy that will promise heaven on earth but eventually became a trash.

I had to give it a trial base on the first impression Tamilore created the day I met him

I sent a message to him and that was a turning point in my life.

I have a chat with him and that was when I got to know that Tamilore has been making a lot of millions with the affiliate marketing business model for over one year. He has traveled to several countries of the world for holidays yet making his money on the go.

It's not my habit to flood a page with pictures because I'm sure you don't care about that and also you will see more than enough when we get connected.

Adewuyi Tamilore has been able to generate over $300,000 in the past 2years through his online business.

He has helped over 4000 people directly to make money in the business model through his step by step teachings.

The mind blowing thing is that Tamilore do not spend a lot of money on ads as most of us had done in the past before we met him. 

He recorded a simple and self explanatory series of videos on the business model that can help you make loads of money even if you are hearing about it for the first time.

These series of videos explained EVERYTHING you need to know. All techniques to make the best use of social media to your very advantage are revealed in the set of videos.

After a week of executing what I learnt in the videos, BOOM! I made my first sales in Affiliate marketing, wow!!! I almost went crazy.

 I never expected the result so fast.

I repeated the same strategy and made sale over and over again.

When I made my first One Million Naira within the space of one month it was like a dream.

I shared the exact strategy with my friend that introduced me to Affiliate Marketing and he got his first sale too after 3days of executing.

Then I realized Marketing business is not as complicated as we always take it to be.


Tamilore has decided to hold a live webinar to make all is secrets to making a lot of money from the internet through this business model

THIS WEBINAR WILL HOLD ON: Saturday 26th March 2022

If you click the button bellow, you will be directed to my contact where you can gain access to the FREE webinar registration page.

Tamilore has never done this before. Personally I have waited so long for this kind of a great opportunity to learn A to Z from someone who has discovered a hack to making 9 Figures online through affiliate marketing.  If a simple teachings from him could take me this far, imagine what learning the whole strategy will do for me or anyone that gained the access to the FREE webinar.

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