2 Major Things I Did To Make and Multiply Money In 2021: How to do the same thing and get the same result.

I am Adeyinka, I am an Internet Business Addict. Seeing my Gees making lots of money pushes me to do more!

In this part of the world where everybody believes you should wake up in the morning, get to work and come home with some stipends at the end of the month...

This is the same place where I wake up in the morning, forget to take my bath sometimes, eat and play with my children if they are around... sometimes I don't even know what to do with my time.

However, there are two things I do everyday that sustain me and my family.

Did I say sustain? lol

That is just to be moderate as a Nigerian and culturally raised dude that wouldn't want to blow his own whistle.

Let's get to 2 things I did to make and multiply money in 2021

1. I find a hot product to sell online and also teach people how to sell a skill...

Hmmm... someone is already thinking "na dos affiliate marketing guys"

you are wrong!!!

I am not selling any f*cking affiliate product to you.

a product people are willing to bring out there money to buy.
I always make cool cash from that because I'm good at what I do - no brag about that...

There's a wise saying that:
"selling only makes you money but investing makes you wealthy"
So because of this👆 quote, I begin to search for how to become wealthy and I tried to diligently learn one of the best investment opportunities right now...and that brings me to No.2

2. I Trade and Invest in Cryptocurrency...

You cannot be stupid enough in this 21st century when cryptocurrency is making millionaires out of the nonentity.
Some people that never counted 100k in their entire life now spend 100k on lunch with girlfriends through the help of crypto yet you still think it's nothing😠...
Well, I do say money is not for everyone...
Some people will remain poor even in the land of many opportunities...

Right now I think you know the correlations?

The money I make from online businesses, I invest it in cryptocurrency...

Money keeps rolling in...

As simple as ABC

Someone should just listen to me right now

How will you feel if you can go on to make like 100k-150k extra this coming few weeks?
Hold on please:
I am not giving you a common headline...I am telling you what will happen to you in the space of 3weeks

I've had success doing it before and I think this is the right time to really help more people achieve their side hustle dreams

Alfred was the first person to take advantage of it...

Followed by Tobi...

And many others... Just let's keep it simple. Not many people believe in testimony until they have one for themselves

This is how we are going to do it:


In my PayPal Course Titled "The Business Of PayPal", here's what I will be teaching you...

  • How to create PayPal account that sends and receives money from all over the world. Right now people pay 3k to 5k for this kind of PayPal to be create

  • How to fully verify your PayPal account and lift limitations on it

  • How to create a US PayPal that allows you to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Eth... You can charge 15k to 30k to do this and people will gladly pay.

  • How to create a Credit card and Debit card that helps you to withdraw directly into your local bank account. You can charge 15k for this alone (From the comfort of your room).

  • How to release funds held by PayPal

  • How to generate links that allow clients pay directly into your PayPal account and directly into your bank account.

  • How to create an international (US, UK, CANADA, CHINA, JAPAN, etc.) Bank account. This also is a gold mine and you can charge 15k to 20k for this, it's your decision that matters.

  • Updated way on how you can link a US bank account to your PayPal account successfully. This works 99.99% of the time.

  • 4 different ways to withdraw directly into your local bank account at the rate of #500 per Dollar

  • My ever-working strategy on how to get 3-5 people that will pay you 3k to 5k each every day. I call it 3-5 strategy

Here is what to do with the skills.

✅Render it as service and charge ₦3,000-₦5,000 per each Account. Depending on the type of Paypay your customers wants. You need at least to create 200 Account to make a minimum of 1 million naira monthly. Interestingly, I will teach you how to get at least 4customers daily with my secrets and strategies.

✅ You can also render a service by creating a verified US PayPal Supporting Buying and selling BTC, ETH and charging ₦7,000/₦10,000 for each Account.

✅ Another fantastic fact is that you can create a dollar credit card that can withdraw your funds to your local bank at the rate of ₦500+ without going to bank, you can charge ₦15,000- ₦20,000 for this service.

✅Teach others and charge them ₦10K-₦30k for it. You need 100 people to make 1 million- 3 Million naira monthly depending on how much you charge.

✅Another interesting fact is you can start trading with your account and start generating endless income daily, this model can fetch you at ₦50,000 - ₦1,000,000 in a single deal legitimately without stress.

Awesome right?

Let's talk about what you are getting in the Crypto Training too, It is titled "NAVIGATION FOR PROFIT"

My humble self and the leader of a Professional Crypto Traders Group who turned $10 into $632 in 3weeks during bearish season (when market is down) will be taking you through the teachings.

This is what you will be learning in full in the training:

You will learn how to verify and navigate all the applications that will facilitate your making profit from the beginning to the end
Applications like Binance app, Trust Wallet, Coin gecko, Token Pockets, etc... This is just to mention a few because you may be updated anytime.

You will be taught how to escape CBN policies that may affect your local bank account.

You will be taught how you can protect your account from hackers
You can use this protection method on any form of accounts that are important to you outside the cryptocurrency world.

You will begin to learn how to manage your portfolio no matter how little

You will be shown strategies to make good profit in the market without having to have a sleepless nights on Binance app

You will be informed on coins (RARE GEMS) that will eventually make you a millionaire if you take actions on them

You will be added to the group where the professionals are picking the trades for you for complete 6months... note that to join this group cost
$100 but you will be added FREELY

Note that this is not a signal group like many people would say. We analyse trades and made you see reasons why a particular coin will be profitable and why you should invest in it.

You will be sent some materials that will help you grow in the cryptocurrency world This materials alone means a lot because it is worth $850 right now but it will be send to you at NO EXTRA COST.

The course has over 20videos that address everything a beginner needs to know to the point of making money, money and money.

Everything may look too much to give out but that's exactly what we are going to do

This is my plan for you:

As I am aware that 3weeks is not enough to catch up and make the kind of money we are talking about, I know knowledge is the first thing to sort after.

I will employ a strategy called Do It For You (DIFY)

with this strategy, I will do it the first one week and you will be there to see how I will be able to rake the money in and then you will copy me and do the same thing to get the same result.

There are things you need to see for yourself in the training as I will not be able to put everything down here.

Most Important Of It All!!!

I cannot work with so many people with this kind of offer if I really want to be effective...

Once I have the number I need, I will have to excuse others as I will not want to waste your time.

I will advice you to get in as fast as you can for your own advantage.