My WhatsApp Is The Same As Bodija Market

 I grew up in Bodija Market and I am familiar with the norms and culture of that wonderful market.

The beautiful market is located in the big city named Ibadan.

Yes, I said beautiful. I understand your point of view if you argue it.

Maybe you are thinking about the dirtiness of the market environment . You are right.

We couldn't think of being in any other place in our early days of life.

Everyday we tried to be in the shop as soon as possible.

You wouldn't want to miss the dramatic displays between the buyers and the sellers sometimes whenever there's price disagreement, accusation of theft and lots more.

Most importantly the side profit we make from selling at high prices and keep the excess profit to ourselves.

Myself and my sister were about to gain admission into the University and Android phone was becoming popular.

I was able to buy a small android and I began to install Apps like Facebook, 2go, BBM, WhatsApp and the rest of them even though there's no one of my friends I could reach through the phone because they couldn't afford to buy an Android phone.

My mum sells snail and you should know only a few people most especially the rich class turn to price snails and buy it.

Our customers liked me because of my manners of attendance while trying to sell to them. I inherited that from my mum.

I began to grow relationships with our customers and I requested their numbers and saved it on my phone.

One of our customers taught me how to use Whatsapp and that was how he began to order for snail and I would take the goods to his house.

I told other customers one after the other that they can order through Whatsapp and I would take it to their doorsteps.

I didn't envisage almost all our customers would be interested in such service.

My phone changed from Android to iPhone just like that lol.

Customers were coming and here came the good news. Myself and my sister had gotten admitted into the University. It was a private university.

Our expenses as a family increased and the Whatsapp idea of making sales couldn’t sustain us.

I was bothered about the university fees for me and my sister because we didn’t have anyone else apart from mum.

She tried to pay for us both and we got to School.

I was trying to take the orders from Whatsapp and send the details down home but of course, I couldn't be as effective as when I was at home.

School activities wouldn't allow much of that.

My mum business started going down and I couldn’t help so much from the walls of the school.

It became so hard that my mum had to decide that my sister should drop out and wait for next year admission.

I became sad and depressed.

I discussed it with a friend I just met in school who noticed I was not doing so well like the time he just met me.

He suggested a free video to me that is recorded by someone he knows who goes by the name Tamilore. The video is all about Whatsapp Marketing.

That was the beginning of my hope to raise my mum’s business to a new level.

I never would have believed that making money with whatsapp can be lucrative if not for the free video.

  • You don’t have to rely on your existing contacts to make good sales.
  • You don’t have to pay a huge amount for advertisement just as many people do.
  • In fact, Dummies can work with the strategy and make sales.

I started implementing everything taught in the video and just like a magic, everything started changing.

Our sales sprang up to the level I wouldn’t have believed if it was not happening to me.

We paid all outstanding debt and we had extra money to save within one month.

It worked really good.

I tried to promote other people’s product as it was taught in the free video and I made my first One Hundred Thousand Naira.

I also decided to proceed to selling other products I could lay my hands on and I was making huge sales using the strategies taught in the free video.

I proceeded to the paid version of the video and that was the financial turning point of my life.

I was able to cater for so many fees while in school and I also help other people in need with the money I’m making.

If you will like to make some extra cash,

If you're an Affiliate Marketer who is concerned by the huge amount spent on advertisement all the time,

If you have a product that is not generating much sales,

If you are thinking of starting a new business and you want your product to sell,

This is just what you need to make all of that happen.

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